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"If you are looking for "The Cadillac" of physical therapy, The Sigurd Center is the place for you! The Sigurd Center has given me great gifts, the gift of mobility and hope. Through hard work and professional guidance I have seen tremendous improvement. The Center is light, cheerful and lovely. It is constantly cleaned. Thr equiptment is regularly updated. The highly trained physical therapists are involved in ongoing professional development. On a personal level, I love the celebration and decoration for each holiday and I love the music. Most of all, I think my therapist, Chelsea, is an outstanding example of tact, humor, intelligence and escellence. I am 74 years old, I know the best when I see it. The Sigurd Center is the best!"

-K. Barlow


“I am an above-the-knee amputee and a cancer survivor. I have been to several rehab facilities. The Sigurd Center has by far been the best in handling my disability. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and have been a true blessing in my life. I whole heartedly recommend them to you for your ortho and neuro therapy.”
-M. Lazur


"After suffering a stroke in December 2018, and losing the left side of my body, I thought I would not be able to live the life I had planned. January 18th, 2019 that all changed for me. I entered the Sigurd Center and under the superior care of Kirsten Thompson and Jennifer Coleman, I am recovered through God's grace and love. the entire staff work very hard to provide all of the patients with great care and encouragement to aid in our recovery. It takes very caring people to do the work it takes in patient recoveryand they are all special to me. The Center is a safe and clean environment with temperature checks and everyone wearing masks. Special thanks to Wendy, Chris, Kim, Chelsea, Ashley and Jessica, your names are in my prayers every day."

J. Thomas


"My dad loves this place and all the therapist!! Kim, Ashley, and Jennifer have worked wonders for him! We are so lucky to have found this place!"

-C. Purkey


"The Sigurd Center is a great place for therapy or any exercise a person might need. It is very clean and the best I have ever been to. Everyone that works there are caring Christians. We are all like one big family. They work hard to help us reach our goals and they are full of love and care. My therapist, Chris, is wonderful. She keeps me encouraged to push on so I can reach my goals. She and all the therapists are great and really care about their patients. I recommend the Sigurd Center to the highest."



"This is absolutely the best rehab center in the city. The staff, Jen, Ashley, Kirsten, Jessica and EVERYONE is fantastic. They wear my out twice a week... but i know it is in my best interest. I hope one day I will be able to pay them back for all they have done for me.

-E. Kirk


"The Sigurd Center is the ultimate rehab center, I have been a patient since 2014. I have worked with Chelsea for about 5 years or so and for me it is more than just the physical therapy, it's also the mental therapy. You're more than a patient, you are are family. I love these people." 

-R. Parler


"I have been at a lot of different rehab centers in my 73 years. When my doctor wanted me to go again after my first knee replacement, I wasn't too thrilledThe Sigurd Center is a whole different experience. The owner seems to put her patients first in their rehab to get better. At first I started seeing Chelsea and after a few visits also started seeing Ashley. Even though they both do some things different, they work together to plan out my rehab. Since going for the first time, I have since had a hip replacement and the other knee replaced. I can honestly say if I have my way about it, I will not ever go to another rehab facility. Anytime I know of someone going to need therapy, I tell them about The Sigurd Center. I want to thank Chelsea and Ashley for making therapy not bad. The whole staff is terrific. And I can honestly say if I ever need therapy again I know where I will be going.. THE SIGURD CENTER! 

-B. Moore


"I first met Kirsten at HealthSouth years ago after I was in a terrible motorcycle accident. Since then, I have had to have continued physical therapy off and on due to pain as well as learning to use a prosthetic leg. I chose The Sigurd Center because I knew if I wanted to be better and succeed at many goals, Kirsten and her staff are the best to help me get there. Her knowledge and compassion are unmatched. I mainly work with Kirsten and Chelsea but have had the pleasure of working with just about the entire staff and they have ALL been amazing at helping me reach the goals set for me to be the best, healthiest version of myself. You won't find a better place to help with your recovery than The Sigurd Center!"

-V. Bledsoe


"The Sigurd Center is top notch. My therapists, Kim and Chelsea, are very professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They helped me very much."

-B. Robinson


“The Sigurd Center has resurrected my belief of the actions of humanity through the spirit and guidance of God. I am very grateful that He in His wisdom has chosen the Sigurd Center to care and rehabilitate not only my body but also my spirit and soul.”
-Anonymous patient of The Sigurd Center


"Due to the effect of chronic arthritis over many years, I have needed multiple surgeries to make moving about a bit easier. This has inevitably led to the need for physical theapy, which I have received from numerous facilities in different states over the last 30 years. I am happy to say that I have never received such professional, knowledgable, and compassionate care like I've received at the Sigurd Center. It is clear that they have a real interest in and care for their patients and are quite willing to do whatever it takes to see that they reach their potential through all the tools at their disposal... including lots of laughter. Pay Sigurd a visit, you won't regret it."

-J. Wagner

“I am constantly reminded that I suffered an incapacitating stroke and I frequently ask myself, what do I have to be thankful for? My therapists! I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the time and effort the Sigurd Center staff has invested in me during the last year. Following one of the most enjoyable and successful therapy experiences, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the people who made it possible.  It is a pleasure to come here. If you come in sad, you can’t stay that way, the staff and owners positive spirit is very contagious and it makes therapy all the better! My heartfelt thanks to all of the staff of the Sigurd Center for your tireless support for my continued improvement. I am committed to regaining more of my independence and am happy to have my therapy here! Sincere thanks to all!”
-Anonymous Patient of The Sigurd Center


"I am a huge fan of the Sigurd Center. I drive from the far side of Columbia past 10 or 12 physical therapists to get to the Center and it is well worth the trip!! their professionalism and skill are the best in the midlands. Sessions are individualized, the center is lovely and kept immaculate. Therapists are on time, prepared and deliver care with cheerful concern. Chelsea is my therapist and I believe the best in the state. I love the smiles and reminders from Wendy, the cheerful assistance from the aides, and the absolute excellent instruction from the wonderful Chelsea!"

- D. Marsh


"For several years I have been going to the Sigurd Center, on and off, and have been fortunate enough to receive excellent treatment and "whole person" care from my physical therapist Kirsten Thompson, and on occasion ,occupational therapist Jennifer Coleman. I have also appreciated the support and friendliness of the other staff members as well. I am so very blessed to continue receiving the services and care at the Sigurd Center."

-N. Vosburgh


"If you are in need of PT or OT, look no further.. The Sigurd Center is the best in West Columbia. Having been a patient at other clinics, this is the best place I have returned to for three different issues. When one enters for foyer, they are greeted by Wendy, who is welcoming and very competent. The waiting area is very comfortable and pleasant. The reall good stuff begins in the gym. Each of the therapists are professional, friendly and caring. The patient's welfare and health are their biggest concerns. I have been impressed by their creativity in trying a variety of techniques on each patient to find the best results. A clint will be in good hands with any of the therapists. I have worked closesly with Jennifer, Kim, and others. The center is owned by Kirsten Thompson. she is on site and engaged with each therapist and patient. this is a first class facility."

-P. Plunkett

"After being diagnosed with rapid progression Parkinson’s Disease, my physician recommended physical therapy to assist with balance, mobility, and muscle rigidity.  Since June 2008 I have been receiving physical and occupational therapy at the Sigurd Center in West Columbia.  Kirsten Thompson is a Registered Physical Therapist and owner of the Sigurd Center.  She played an active role in my initial evaluation and formulation of a therapy regimen.  I have been seen twice weekly for an hour each of physical/occupational therapy.

"Members of the Sigurd Center team have provided a challenging physical exercise program, stimulating mental challenges, and a treatment for injuries suffered in falls.  Remaining mobile has enabled me to still perform many of the activities that I enjoy (gardening, painting, attending sporting events, travel, and quality time with my grandson).

"Special attention to each patient, smiles, and genuine care and concern are evident at each session.  Jennifer, Sunshine, and Jenna are all competent, well informed therapists who provide all patients excellent service and care.  Thanks to all of them for allowing me to stay active and maintain my dignity throughout this debilitating illness."

-Charles E. Millwood, Jr., D.M.D, Patient of The Sigurd Center

"After two hospital stays with atypical pneumonia and inserting an Internal Cardiac Device for short episodes of Ventricular Tachycardia, a Physical Medicine Physician recommended Kirsten Thompson and her staff at The Sigurd Center. That recommendation was a true blessing. Over the last several months I have received therapy treatment from the staff at The Sigurd Center. Every therapist is competent, professional, caring and friendly. You will feel comfortable and welcomed at each visit and they are pleased to work with you to meet your needs. They know exactly what to do and they will improve your life."
James R. Morris, Jr., President of Genesis Consulting Group



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