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Prosthetic / Amputee Rehabilitation

Amputee Rehabilitation in West Columbia, SC

The aim is to provide education in pre-prosthetic care/post-prosthetic care to gain the highest level of independence possible.  Therapy will include communication with the individual, the therapist, and the prosthetist. We treat several conditions such as (but not limited to):


Lower Body
Partial foot amputation – Lisfranc, chopart, Ray amputation
Ankle disarticulation – Syme, pyrogoff, Boyd
Below knee amputations (transtibial)
Knee disarticulation - Gritti or Gritti-Stokes
Above knee amputation (transfemoral) disarticulation – the removal of entire limb up to/including the femur
Hemipelvectomy (transpelvic) – the removal of the entire limb and the partial removal of the pelvis

  • Education on phantom limb pain – pain experienced where limb is no longer present
  • Education on phantom limb sensation – the feeling that the limb is still intact (no pain)
  • Ace wrapping and residual limb shaping
  • Stump shrinker donning and doffing
  • Importance of daily skin inspections
  • Cross-friction scar massage and its benefits
  • Positioning
  • Bathing of residual limb
  • Safety awareness and fall precautions
  • Prosthetic hygiene
  • Residual limb care
  • Foot care guidelines for sound limb
  • Preventive care
  • Prosthetic education for adding/removing prosthetic socks
  • Prosthetic education donning/doffing
  • Therapeutic exercises with and without prosthetic donned
  • Pre-gait exercises
  • Education on prosthetic wearing schedules
  • Gait training
  • Transfer training



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