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Our Mission

We are dedicated to enabling the patient to reach their personal goals, restore normal movement, and achieve their highest functional potential through the compassion, knowledge, and experience of our staff.

Our employees are expected to keep the following thoughts in mind when treating patients:

  • Our patients are not statistics; they are human beings with emotions and feelings, most of whom have experienced a significant amount of turbulence and stress prior to arriving at our clinic. All of our patients deserve to be treated in a respectful manner that upholds their dignity.
  • Our patients are the most important people in our business.
  • Our patients are not dependent upon us, we are dependent upon them.
  • Our patients are not an interruption of our work, they are the purpose of our work.
  • Our patients have choices; they are doing us a service by allowing us to serve them.
  • Our patients bring us their needs; it is our job to fulfill those needs.
  • Serving our patients IS our business.



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